Top Things You Should Remember When Buying Gold Jewellery From Online Stores!

Gold is something very precious especially among Indians. There wouldn’t be any Indian who doesn’t love gold jewellery. Apart from being the best fashion accessory, it is also considered to be one of the biggest investments one can ever make. It can be perfect accompaniment for each and every occasion including weddings, birthday parties, get-togethers, anniversaries, and a lot more.

The mere mention of this valuable metal is enough to catch the best attention of everyone. While most of the people may think that they have mastered the art of buying latest gold jewellery designs, it may not be the case. Even a small distraction may turn your dream gold purchase into nightmare. In the maddening rush of buying gold, it is common to make some mistakes. However, remember some of the important things listed below will make sure you buy the best piece of gold jewellery!

Buying Gold Jewellery From Online Stores

Know the Purity

While buying gold jewellery online, it is important to consider the purity of it. Generally, the purity of it is denoted in karats. The 24-karat gold is 99.9% pure and 22-karat is 92% pure. Every karat of gold is almost equivalent to 4.2% of the pure gold. 24 karat gold isn’t used to make jewellery, so jewellers use 22, 18, or 14 karat gold to make jewellery.

While buying it, it is important to check for its purity. Hallmark is one of the best indications of gold purity. It is always recommended to buy hallmarked jewellery since these pieces of jewellery are being tested by the competent agencies.

Man-made or machine made ornaments?

In this era of mass production, machine-made jewellery is very common. The making charges on the machine made jewellery are generally lower than the charges on the man-made jewellery since making mass produced ornaments is cheaper. So, discussing origin of particular piece of jewellery can save you your hard-earned money.

Consider the Making charges

The making charges are associated with every piece of gold jewellery designs. It is in fact the labour charges that are involved in making it. These charges are reflection of the current gold rates. Depending on the cost of gold, the amount you shall pay for making charges may vary.

The machine made jewellery or having little art work one comes with less making charge. Some of the online jewellers also offer fixed making charges on purchase of the gold ornaments in bulk. Many people make the mistake of paying more than the necessary making charges. So, always insist on fixed making charges to shop smarter!

Check out for the weight

When you buy gold jewellery online, it is important to note that most of them are sold by its weight with heavier pieces of jewellery costing more. Many times, some of the precious stones such as emerald and diamond are added to the gold jewellery making them heavier. This thing should be considered well while buying them.

Before you head online for shopping gold jewellery, arm yourself with sufficient information. It will really help you make a smart choice in your budget!