Sweatshirt Or Hoodie. What Suits Best For Your Next Winter Trip?

Are you planning for your next winter trip? Have you decided which clothes to pack for the trip? Or are you still in a confusion regarding the choice between sweatshirts for men and the hoodies? Wearing a jacket, sweater or any other winter clothes with hood depends on a lot of factors other than just style. Many people just wear hoodie top wear to be in trend with the other people. In this blog, we will tell you how to choose between a sweatshirt and a hoodie when you are going for your next winter trip.

Sweatshirt Or Hoodie

Let’s get started.

Sweatshirt is a long-sleeved pullover type winter wear. Sweatshirts for men generally do not have collars. They have round neck which covers the neck. Traditionally the sweatshirts were made of heavy cotton jersey but now you’ll find sweatshirts for men made of all the different kinds of fabric. There are some which are made of light cotton and are suitable for mild winters. Others are made of fleece or heavy cotton material well-suited for heavy winters. Sweatshirts for men come with or without zips. The ones with a zip look very trendy and fashionable. They are a part of the casual wear. Those without the zip can even form a part of formal wear when needed.

Sweatshirts for men are meant to be for winter season as they provide the required warmth and keep the person comfortable all day long.

There is a wide collection of winter wear including the jerkins and sweatshirts available online on the shopping websites like,,,, etc. You can choose your favourite colour, design, and style from among them and get ready for the winters.

You can wear sweatshirts for men along with the formal trousers or casual jeans. Pair it with sneakers and you’ll achieve a perfect casual look.

Hoodies, on the other hand, can be a form of sweatshirts for men or can be a category of winter wear for men. Literally hoodies refer to the garments that are worn over the top body and have an attached hood with it. These hoods can be attached in different styles. Some hoods are attached all around the neck; others are attached to the back portion of the sweater or the jacket. Hoodies can also be manufactured in the cotton fabric or a blend of cotton and polyester fabric.

To decide what you should wear in your trip you should consider the following points.

  • If the place you are planning to visit has a very cold weather but there are no strong winds blowing in the region then you can take a sweatshirt with you. It will provide you the required warmth.
  • If the place you plan to visit is known for strong winds then it is advised that you wear a hoodie to protect yourself from the winds. Hoods will protect the sensitive parts of your body above the shoulder like the ears and nose and head from the chilling effect of the winds.

You can always get sweatshirts for men with a hood which is a perfect choice for a winter trip. If your hoodie isn’t warm enough you can also carry an additional jacket with you to keep your body warm enough.