Sew In Hair Extensions Tips

Sew in hair extensions is one technique in hair extension. Many women who do their hair extensions use this technique because hair looks more natural and more durable compared to other techniques. Loss, adding hair volume, and following trends are some of the reasons women use hair extensions. Check this out. You would like to lear more about Sew in Hair Extension Treatment on

Cost of sew in hair extensions

The cost you have to spend on a hair extension saw ranges from $ 200- $ 1,500. The cost depends on your hair type, difficulty level, length / short connection, and treatment package. You will get a special hair care product package for your hair extension. This treatment product will keep the condition of your hair extension to stay beautiful and not damaged.

The Technique

The Technique

This technique is done by braiding the original hair to the end, called the track. This connection must consist of several tracks. So it requires you to braid all your hair. Then, wrap the hair with a net or a haircut while showering. After that, the hair continued will be cultivated with braids on the end, in accordance with the desired style or track.

Risky cheap DIY hair extension

Sewed hair extension can actually be done alone, but you should first learn the technique first. You need practice to get good results / neat. Some people may be able to connect their own hair, but it would be difficult to do it in the back of the hair. DIY hair extension is done for one main purpose; frugality. But you have to rethink to do it because often the results are not as good as those done by pro. You could get your hair extensions on

DIY hair extension: step by step


DIY hair extension

Prepare all necessary materials and tools. Make sure the yarn color you buy matches the original hair color and the extension. In addition to yarn, you should also prepare a needle that is made specifically for hair extension. The last one is the extension.

Follow these instructions

  1. The first thing you should do is wash your hair.
  2. Dry your hair and start braiding. Braids on the hair you want to connect. It takes time and thoroughness.
  3. Put the base of hair extension and start sewing. Make sure the stitches are neat and strong. You certainly do not want your hair extension detached and will destroy your day.
  4. Start attaching the extension to the braid by using a special needle that is curved. Do this carefully so that the needle does not hurt your scalp.
  5. Once done, make the last stitch that serves as a reinforcement stitch. So, those are first things you need to know about sew in hair extensions.