Plan a Quality Day with Your Cool Dad with These 5 Ideas

Out of mom and dad, dad is always the coolest one. He always saves you from the scolding of moms and sometimes, he also gives you company in your midnight ice cream stealing from refrigerator. On his birthday, success party, or on father’s day, you must be ready with some lovely gifts for father and make him a bit proud. You can plan a day out with him and the activity you do or the place where you go, would be a gift for your father.

Have a look at some of the suggestions:

Fishing Idea

Fishing Idea: This would be an absolutely delightful idea to spend some time with your dad while fishing. Go out early in the morning with some flasks of coffee and tea, sandwiches, chips, and chocolates. Fishing is a memory from the yesteryears which you must have enjoyed in your childhood. Then suddenly you and your dad both grew up. Go back to those old days and make some new memories. You may end up catching some nice number of fishes which could be later deep fried or made into gravy for a yummy meal.

Beer or Wine Tasting

Beer or Wine Tasting: Dad is going to be a lovely companion for your beer or wine tasting events. Keep a track of the events coming up in your town and take him out on his birthday to an event like this one. He would be flattered to learn that in spite of having friends, you thought to take him out to a beer or wine tasting event. Some really nice moments would become a part of your memory.

Museum or Art Gallery

Museum or Art Gallery: Taking a stroll at the local or the most prestigious art museum in your state with your dad. Museum or art galleries are the places of immense creativity and you would learn many new things about the socio-cultural history of your place. It would be a lovely getaway idea with your dad. If he is a writer, artist, painter, or poet, he would love it more. On his birthday or any special day, spend some quality time with him in this way.

A Golf Match

A Golf Match: How about a golf match between you and your dad? Plan a Sunday and visit the nearest golf club with your dad and play a match with him. Let’s see who wins the game.  You can take some of your cousins, friends, and relatives to cheer you up. Some people say that golf is a good walk wasted! But it is an interesting game to be enjoyed.

Prepare Dinner for dad

Prepare Dinner for dad: Every day, your mom prepares the dinner and takes charge of the kitchen. On some special day like when your dad brings home an esteemed, you can storm the kitchen and serve the best food to your dad.

Make something interesting and different cuisine than what you have every day. Italian, Mexican, or Thai can be opted to greet your dad. This would definitely be the best gift for father.