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Mixing Modafinil With Alcohol: Is it Safe?

Many people who use Modafinil are usually left wondering if it is OK to put some gloss on the experience by adding some alcohol to the mix. It is no wonder, there are tons of questions regarding this issue in forums and sites dedicated to nootropics or modafinil. Is it really a bad idea mixing the two together? Well, let’s dig deeper scenario by scenario.

Scenario 1: Taking Modafinil and Consuming Alcohol After A Few Hours

Judging by user reviews in forums, drinking alcohol a few hours is never a very good idea. You are bound to get super drunk and you are more likely to experience a total blackout. It could even turn fatal if you are not in the company of someone you can trust. Just imagine how deadly this can be if you end up driving under the influence of both alcohol and modafinil

Scenario 2: Taking Both Alcohol and Modafinil At The Same Time

Mixing Modafinil With Alcohol

This is worse than the first case scenario and it’s certainly a no go zone even for those who love experimenting around. We have read accounts of people who have had blackouts that led them to thehospital just by trying to raise the bar higher blending both alcohol with Modafinil, all at once!

Scenario 3: Drinking Modafinil The Next Day

As expected the larger the span the less the repercussions of using alcohol and modafinil. So, if you drink alcohol around 24 hours after taking modafinil then you shouldn’t expect anything out the ordinary except some regular drowsiness, some staggering, slurred speech, and stuff.

That said, user accounts are not scientific meaning that what may be harmless for someone may turn out very disastrous for you. In other words, you are better off not experimenting with alcohol and modafinil on the same equation.

Safely Drinking With Modafinil

If you must use both then you should exercise some caution. As a rule of the thumb, you should eat very well and drink lots of water. Never mix alcohol with modafinil directly plus you should not use modafinil to stretch your drinking limits. The real secret here is that you should be aware of your doses to ensure that you properly manage your consumption of Modafinil express. For instance, you should know that modafinil takes around 12 hours to clear from your body. Long story short, you need a smart way of handling modafinil.

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