Is Canvas Printing Cheap?

You paid a photographer to take family photos and have images that you will cherish forever. However, those images hold less meaning as digital files. By printing your family photos to display in your home, you can personalize your decor and receive constant reminders of your family’s love.

While there are many creative ways to display family portraits, canvas prints are some of the most popular. These types of prints are elegant and affordable, and you can boldly display them in any room. This guide will break down the basics of canvas printing and what to look for in quality prints.

What is canvas printing?

Canvas is a material traditionally made from hemp and linen. Most modern canvas is woven from cotton, making it a highly durable material for photos and art prints. While artists and printmakers are able to use canvas for a variety of projects, photo printing has become more popular. This process uses inkjet printing to display and image on the canvas. With today’s technology, the process is similar to printing on paper. However, canvas prints have texture that you won’t find on paper prints. You can also order these prints in a variety of sizes and finishes, suiting every room in your home.

What sets quality prints apart?

When ordering canvas prints, it’s important to purchase work through a quality company. By doing so, you can ensure that the image looks sharp and professional on the wall. The following are just some of the factors that set a quality canvas print apart.


High quality prints will have sharp and accurate colors. When you step back from the print, you should be able to see all of the shapes and outlines rather clearly. Professional labs will generally create more vibrant colors than at-home printing systems.


The printing lab will make sure your images are a high enough resolution to fit the size of the print. If that ratio is correct, the image will be sharp and defined. In turn, there won’t be any blurriness of the image.


High quality printing companies will also make sure that the dimensions of your canvas are correct. If you need to crop the image, you will be able to. This way, the photo will fit the canvas without distorting or stretching the photo.

By purchasing your print from a professional lab, you can ensure that they print a beautiful image the first time. If you are giving a canvas print as a gift, the recipient is sure to love the results. And if the print is going in your own home, your canvas will be vibrant and sharp on your wall, becoming the focal point of the space.

Do you need to break the bank for canvas prints?

Canvas printing can be the perfect addition to your budget home decor. As printing technology advances, creating stunning prints for your home has become more affordable than ever. You can purchase cheap canvas printing from professional printing companies and expect high quality images. Whether you want to purchase multiple small prints for a gallery wall or a large feature, you do not need to put a dent in your wallet. And unlike paper prints, you won’t need a frame to hang your canvas, helping you save even more.

Canvas prints are a great way to display your family photos no matter your taste. Hang black and white images to subtly display your cherished memories, or select one large and colorful to display as a feature. Whether they are sitting on your mantel or over your bed, your canvas prints will make your family the center of your home.