Follow Actress Melissa Bolona On Instagram

While Instagram is traditionally a way to send silly pictures to friends, many people have taken to following celebrities, or favorite rising stars out of curiosity, or to seek inspiration. Actress, model and philanthropist Melissa Bolona has quickly accumulated over 100 K followers and is well on her way to becoming a major presence in the Instagram world. Whether you love fashion, movies or animals, here is why you need to follow Melissa Bolona Instagram:

Follow Actress Melissa Bolona On Instagram

Inspirational Fashion: Between her successful modeling career, and her dual lifestyle in Los Angeles and New York, Melissa Bolona knows fashion. Bolona’s personal style varies from whimsical to understated. Bolona has an eye for hidden elegance and a very low-key approach to her own beauty. Bolona comes from a mixed heritage which includes Ukranian and Peruvian. While the actress is naturally beautiful, she is also no slouch when it comes to skin care. You can get inspired by Bolona’s fashion and pick up plenty of tips and ideas just by scrolling through her Instagram.

Get the Scoop on Movies: Melissa Bolona has had several busy filming season and is due to appear in multiple movies in both 2017 and 2018. While you can get the official list of all works featuring actress Melissa Bolona from the Melissa Bolona IMDB, a look at Bolona’s Instagram may give you cool, behind the scenes glimpses of the actress’ current projects.

Follow the Cause: An avid animal lover, Bolona has become a champion for animal rights and is involved in various other philanthropic causes to benefit both animals and humans. The latest events are going to be showing up on the star’s Instagram so that you can keep yourself in the loop.

While Bolona is still a rising star, she is steadily holding the interests of Hollywood producers as well as co-starts, and will likely continue to become a popular household name.