Drop Pearl Earrings: A Must in Your Earrings Collection

Earring is something which is present in every woman’s wardrobe. They are very old ornament and have been present in various cultures for quite a long time based all around the world. Earlier kings and queens used to wear such lavish earrings. It is even essential in some customs that newborn have their ears pierced.

Wearing earrings has been a tradition for a long time, as both men and women used to wear them.

Drop Pearl Earrings

What are Drop Earrings?

  • These types of earrings have the tendency of dropping below the earlobe. Drop pearl earrings are simple pieces where some kind of stone such as gemstones and beads are added to the base of the jewelry.

  • Simple in design yet unique in appearance, these earrings are a great choice if you are looking to go out for a formal event.

  • Drop earrings are very different from their counterpart, dangle earrings. Where drop earrings have a limited length, dangle earrings can hang till the length of a shoulder.

How important is Comfort?


  • When choosing a pearl earring, it is imperative to take into account the comfort level.

  • In order to do so the person buying the earrings has to make sure with what weight are they comfortable with. Earrings are a part of the jewelry which people wear for an entire day. And if it is not comfortable, it can be really hard to wear the earrings for the entire day.

  • Sometimes a person is not comfortable in piercing their ears. Some people are just cared of needles or just are afraid of the infection which might be experienced when ears are pierced. In order to tackle these issues, earring manufacturers have produced beautiful pearl earrings which are clip-on. Simply put it on your ear and remove it whenever you feel like.

Some people even believe the type of earrings a woman is wearing during a particular day can indicate a lot about her mood as well as her personality. Whereas, dangle earrings show that a woman is bold and happy. Drop earrings signify that the woman likes to be quiet and is sophisticated.

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