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Breast augmentation surgery vs. Creams: What’s the Best Method?

Breast augmentation surgery:

Breast augmentation is a type of breast surgery which in medical terms also called as mammoplasty. It is a procedure that involves the fat grafting to increase the size of your breast by various surgical implants. This surgery treatment helps to restore the shape of your boobs and increase its size by fat transfer. It also deals with symmetry of breast size.  Breast augmentation in Dubai is considered to be the effective remedy for those women who experience de-shaping and size reduction in their breast after weight loss, pregnancy, and breast feeding. It is basically a procedure to enhance the size of women’s breast. This surgical treatment deals with the volume plus enlargement and gives a long term satisfaction to women who desire to get considerably heavy and shaped boobs.

Breast augmentation Dubai works in such a way by grafting the tissue of patient’s own body. It is done in a way that the patient’s body tissue is being taken and then the expert surgeon will make small incisions in breast area and grafts that fat tissue on the inner side of your pectoral muscles. This process is also known as incision. This will not only increase the volume but it will also give symmetry to women’s chest.

breast enlargement in Dubai

Breast enlargement creams:

Breast enlargement creams are generally taking importance because of the ads they publish which say that they are for the enhancement of breast size. Breast enlargement creams helps to give volume in the breast and it increases the cup size as well. Women who tends to get heavy breast without any surgery process, tends to buy these creams. These creams will somehow increase the breast size and will provide the alternative to the breast enlargement in Dubai.

Scientifically, estrogens are the female growth hormones that are present in the glands of the body. These hormones are necessary for the growth of breast as well as other female organs. But when these hormones are disturbed, natural growth of female organs s slow down. Same in this case of breast enhancement, the creams available for this purpose have estrogen in them which have been obtained from plants and herbs. Herbal creams specifically uses this chemical substance taken from herbs and plant extracts, which is estrogen, and it helps to increase the breast size naturally when applied, giving the way for breast augmentation Dubai ultimately.

What is best method for breast augmentation among them?

As breast enlargement creams has so many risks involved. It also has left women with certain side effects including de-shaping body, migraines and headaches, irregular hair growth, gaining extra weight and hormonal imbalance. It may also affect the lactation process in women. So all of these and few other disadvantages rendered breast enhancement creams ineffective and risky. Therefore, on the other side breast augmentation surgery, an invasive process is less complicated plus it provides immediate and desire results. Breast augmentation surgery is thus considered to be the best method for breast enlargement.