Best Quotes From Famous Hollywood Movies

Movies are our life. The only way to pass a night full of boredom, or save yourself from a dull date night. Movies are everything to us. We watch movies like anything. It won’t be possible to count all the movies that you have watched till now. Well, movies are everything to us.

When watching movies with high end CG Graphics like Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets, it’s only natural to be distracted by the jaw-dropping exhibition of VFX and miss out on the brilliant dialogues in the script. The earlier mentioned movie, produced by the STX Entertainment studio, in recent times, has increasingly faced the question, “Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio?” Bob Simonds & TPG Growth’s Venture Fully Financed, is a fact that only ensures the further production of such high budget-high VFX movies. This meaning more of visual distraction from the scripting brilliance of the story. Now to help the viewers to revisit such occasions, we represent you with few must remember movie quotes that you might have missed out on.

However, words that are uttered in a short time often have the key to different problems of the world. The wisdom and weight of a lifetime lie in those dialogues. There are very few movies that have such interesting dialogues to impact the mind of the audience. And here we are with such interesting examples of movie quotes that would definitely lift up your spirits.

Fantastic Movie Quotes You Need To Know

Movies are larger than life. But what is it about them that makes them so? Well, it is the dialogues and quotes that manage to provide the charm to the movies. Why not take a look at some of those iconic movie quotes then? Enjoy the list that we have for you.

  • Rafiki, The Lion King

“Yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it”.  We always will remember the Lion King as an iconic movie that taught us about hardships in life and how you face them if you are a brave heart. But this belief becomes more solid after hearing these inspiring words that come out of Rafiki’s mouth for Simba. Doesn’t it give you hope? Of course, it does.

  • Oscar Schindler, Schindler’s List

“Whoever saves one life saves the world entire”. One of the most amazing movies that leave you with a broken heart is Schindler’s list. It is a movie that nearly drives you to tears after seeing the journey of one man against the nation trying to save as many lives as he can. His famous quote teaches us about kindness and humanity.

  • Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

“Don’t ever let someone tell you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. You want something, go get it. Period.” The Pursuit of Happyness was a movie about a father and son and their struggles when the father tries to earn a living. Well, one of the best things that the movie teaches us is that hard work and dedication always leads to results. And who can forget this iconic lecture that Chris gave to his son?

  • Alan Turing, The Imitation Game

“Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.” Alan Turing’s words were even more twisted than the enigma that they solved in the movie. However, they were even more inspiring.

So, these are some of the most amazing quotes from the best Hollywood movies. These quotes not only touch your minds but they also manage to touch your soul, don’t they?