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8 Best Mini Skirts that will impress your Friends

Wearing a mini dress does not only add a glamour to your look but also underline the individuality and your confidence. Be it a day or night, mini skirt is an incredible wardrobe option to take you on a compliment oriented ride, whatever the occasion may be. You can go for miniskirts with ruffle detailing to impart a fresh look or can either go for figure-flattering wrap-on skirts to turn the heads on. Let’s check out some of the latest and trending mini Skirts to impress your friends online and offline.

1.     Denim Skirt

Denims are the “forever” ones. Give yourself a chic and classy look with trendy denim skirts. Denims are the ultimate wardrobe staples which can stay season after season. Team up your Denim mini skirt with an oversized or loosely fitted denim shirt. Finish up your look with a statement clutch, poised earrings and high strapped heels. Grab on a hat for an extra retro vibe.

Denim Skirt

2.     Wrap On skirt

A wrap on the skirt makes you look sophisticated and elegant depending on the embellishments and fabric. The skirt is designed in a rectangular shape and can be draped around the waist. Depending on your personal preferences you can decide on the hem length. You can choose it to be asymmetrical, circular or straight. This style is perfect for a pool or beach party.

Wrap On skirt

3.     Pencil Skirt

These mid-length beauties are no longer into the formal categories and are a must in your wardrobe. Pencil skirts are available in versatile looks such as leather, wrap-on, zipped etc which can be styled as per your vibe. You can team them up with block or wedge heels with a plain top, perfect for the formal wear. Or you can go for a floral blouse or other pallets for a casual look.

Pencil Skirt

4.     A-Line skirts

A-line skirts are just combination of flared ones and figure flaunting pencil skirts. These A-Line skirts have gradually become a wardrobe essential over time. Flaunt your curves by teaming up with a denim skirt with ankle boots graced with a turtle neck jumper for a classic informal look. Team up the A-Line Skirt with block heels and a slogan tee, to get an all-day long look.

A-Line skirts

5.     Knitted Flip Skirts

Get back the child in you with these soft knitted flip. From belted to lace-ups faux knitted flip skirts are favorites for ages. You can get a beautiful boho look by styling knitted skirt with an oversized blouse and ankle boots. Get a formal look by teaming up with a plain/ floral blouse and strappy heels.

Knitted Flip Skirts

6.     Asymmetrical  Denim skirts

Asymmetrical denim skirts are versatile and are available in every style you can imagine such as checked, tropical prints, lace-up, ruffles are to name a few. Accentuate your look with trendy denim this season. Team up with low or flat heels with some stylish jewelry and natural makeup.

Asymmetrical  Denim skirts

7.     Lace Skirts

Add the flavor of romance with the trendy lace trim miniskirts. Team up the skirts with a slightly oversized top with some ankle boots to get a style which perfectly suits your vibe and occasion. You can also team up danglers and lineup with heels for a perfect weekend look. Or for a casual or girly look, you can opt for a slogan tee and ankle boots.

Lace Skirts

8.     Polka Dot mini skirts

Add a touch of glamour to your look with trendy polka dot skirts. Polka Dot mini skirts are perfect pick for party and off-duty look. Put on a leather jacket, an oversized tee, strappy heels and some statement earrings for an extra glamorous look.

Polka Dot mini skirts

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